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Welcome to Ponds UK! Number 1 for all things aquatic

Ponds UK is a long established specialist aquatic management company working across England, Scotland and Wales and sometimes mainland Europe.

We provide no-obligation quotations on all new-build ponds, lakes and reservoirs and competitive prices on pond and lake construction projects and any of your pond, lake, or reservoir management requirements, from pond maintenance to dredging and silt removal, pond weed clearance or we can provide you with the perfect fountain or aeration unit for your pond or lake.

Our strong client base has been built over the years because we produce quality work on all types of aquatic projects and also provide a very efficient and reliable service.  We ensure that our staff are well trained and dedicated so that our clients will only ever receive a friendly, efficient, expert service, which is complemented by using quality products from some of the best suppliers in the UK.  We only ever use the best materials and this combined with our knowledge and experience are the keys to perfecting a great final product for our clients.

Ponds UK are experts in pond and lake design, planning, construction, maintenance and cleaning.  In fact, we can help you with any project related to the construction, maintenance and management of ponds, lakes, fisheries, rivers, water courses, reservoirs and water features.  We also offer maintenance and management contracts for large commercial sites, hotels, golf courses and local authorities,  who want to keep their water ways in tip top condition.

 Shell UK, NHS, The Wildlife Trust and many private owners of lakes and ponds number amongst our clients.


Why choose Ponds Uk

The best answer to this would be, because we are experts in our field. Our expertise covers pond and lake design plus construction and maintenance, cleaning and management of all water courses, including ponds, lakes, river, canals, reservoirs and fisheries. We can help with any project related to your water course or water feature. We also supply the necessary equipment for DIY projects including pond and lake liners, pumps, plants and a vast range of fountains from the best manufacturers worldwide. We undertake any size project in the UK and work with domestic and commercial clients. We also undertake some European projects.


Lake developments on Golf Courses at Ponds UK, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and London


We offer an extensive range of services from Lake Design and Construction through to lake maintenance and water management services. Commissioned by councils, architects, contractors, businesses and private individuals in relation to lake construction and fishery projects throughout the UK and Europe, Ponds UK are experts in creating new fisheries and our clients depend on our specialist knowledge and expert staff.


Landscaped Pond design and construction at Ponds UK, Essex


As a specialist in pond design and construction, Ponds UK design and construct perfect ponds and water features for commercial or residential premises.  We supply a vast range of high quality pond equipment, including pond liners, pond pumps, filters, plants and fountains from the best manufacturers. So, if you’re embarking on a DIY pond project, we can supply the materials you need for a beautiful pond, or we can do the design and construction for you as well.


River Workboat dredging a river - Ponds UK, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and London


Rivers are the life-blood of our countryside providing resources for farming, agriculture, commercial ventures and leisure activities. They  play a vital role in our environment, so it’s essential they are monitored and cared for.  They are protected by the environment agency in the UK and time and effort is needed to keep them tidy, managed and clean.  We help maintain rivers and river banks, protecting fish stocks, wildlife and the environment and preventing flooding.


Water Management for ponds, lakes, rivers, canals, fisheries and reservoirs - Ponds UK

Water Management

It’s essential to sustain a healthy environment in any water body above and below the water. Monitoring aeration, silt, bank erosion, aquatic weed and fish stocks all helps to keep your lake, pond or river beautiful and environmentally sound. Our water management services are available to agencies, local authorities, commercial sites, business premises, estate owners, hotels, golf clubs and private home owners and we offer everyone the same professional service


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