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Fish Stocking

Stocking fish is an important element of fishery management. ¬†Among the many benefits fish stocking can bring to a fishery are increasing anglers catches and new species. While the United Kingdom has many high quality fish farms and fish supply businesses, fish stocking can be one of the biggest risks for a fish farm and…
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Fishing Pontoons and Swimming platforms for lakes and ponds

Fishing platforms and pontoons are constructed in many shapes and sizes. They are built to suit all the variations in depths and contours of the lakes or rivers you might find. They may also be constructed to suit wheelchair access for the disabled, or simply for the launching and mooring of boats and other craft?…
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Fish Transportation in the UK and Europe

Ponds UK ¬†Aquatic Management Ltd Fish Transportation Services offers a highly reliable and efficient service throughout, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, London and the UK and Europe. Fully licensed by CEFAS with a Type 2 certificate, we are able to transport any fish stock within the European Union without restrictions. We cater for all fish species…
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Managing Fish Stocks in Lakes, Ponds and Fisheries

Fish stock density in lakes, ponds and fisheries A fishery that has a plentiful supply of fish can encourage anglers, however this is only the case if the fish are healthy. Having too many fish can be a sign of poor fish stock management and can lead to: increased spread of disease by producing more…
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