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Angling Trust Supporters

The Angling Trust was formed from a merger between six angling and conservation organisations in 2009 and also the merging of the Angling development Board with the Angling Trust in 2012.

The Trust is now a single organisation that represents all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England. The trust lobbies government, campaigns on environmental and angling issues and runs national and international competitions. They also fight pollution, commercial over-fishing at sea, over-abstraction, poaching, unlawful navigation, local bans and any other threats to angling.

The Angling Trust is the governing body for all angling, and seeks government funding to develop the sport from grass roots participation through to elite performance. They develop programmes with clubs to increase participation, amongst groups who have yet to discover the joys of going fishing.

Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Ltd are a sponsor to the Angling Trust.

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