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Chas Accredited

CHAS stands for Contractors Health and Safety.

There are thousands of consultants and contractors who regularly apply to work with public and private sector organisations and in order to win work from these service buyers, the contractors must meet their health and safety standards.

This is a lengthy and time consuming process and a contractor or consultant might meet one buyer’s Health and Safety standard but not meet another’s.   By being CHAS approved it means that the buyer knows you meet all the standards and you don’t have to worry about duplication or a lengthy process each time you contract for a job with a buyer.

CHAS assesses the following for its applicants

  1. Health and Safety Policy statement;
  2. The applying organisation’s health and safety;
  3. The applying organisation’s specific health and safety arrangements to a standard acceptable to our buyers and to others.

Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Ltd have CHAS accreditation so you can be assured that they will meet your organisation’s health and safety requirements for any pond, lake or reservoir construction or refurbishment project.

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