Commercial lake design and construction | fishery design and construction


commercial-waterway-managementMost commercial business and organisations are able to deal with land management, landscaping and generally keeping the exterior of their business premises in good order without the requirement to outsource these services from an external contractor. Often though it is a different story when dealing with the management, installation and general upkeep of ponds, lakes, ditches, rivers and canals.

All water bodies pose new hazards, new problems and risks are imposed to the clients staff which can result in increased instance costs, not to mention a totally different set of maintenance skills and techniques. This often results in it being both safer and more cost effective to seek the skills of a specialist aquatic contractor that is both used to working in and around water but will also understand the environment and tasks required to resolve the current problems.

We have a vast range of equipment that would not normally be found in the everyday company. From specialist equipment for fishery management, specialist weed cutting boats, dredging and pontoon equipment. We offer a fully insured service backed by the skills of our fully trained teams and expert consultants that will be able to offer you the very best solutions to any given problem you may have.

Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Ltd has seen itself go from strength to strength within the commercial sector of the company. It offers all of its services across the UK to all types of commercial sectors including;

  • Recreational Fishing and Water sports
  • Golf Courses
  • Theme Parks
  • Public Sector
  • Local Parish Councils
  • Oil refinement
  • Local Authorities
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Canal Trusts
  • River Trusts
  • and many more……

Working within the commercial sector is our opportunity to give our very best, quality assurance and cost effective solutions backed by the strong knowledge within our team. We offer all our services from heavy engineering, dredging and piling solutions through to the lighter operations of planting, plant & weed clearances and much more.

For more information on commercial lake, river, pond, canal or reservoir projects, or commercial rivers, canals and reservoirs and maintenance and management or fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620111.