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Golf Courses

Management of Ponds and Lakes on commercial golf courses - Ponds UKPonds, Lakes, Rivers and Streams form the natural landscape of many UK golf courses. Some of these may be man-made,  whilst others are  natural and were running through the land years before the golf course was created. They add huge benefits for all golf courses and help support the ecology of the course,  as well as adding additional interest to those playing the game. These environments are very sensitive and require planned management if they are to be kept in good order.

Lakes and Ponds on Golf courses can come in all shapes and sizes and vary from smaller ponds to large expanses of water i.e. Lakes. Either way they all provide a good habitat for a variety of wildlife, that will use the areas for wintering and breeding. Many different birds, wildfowl, grey herons, kingfishers and other aquatic birds will use ponds and lakes but of course, they also add a visual appeal to the golf couses and therefore greater enjoyment to the golfers using the course.

On occasions, we come across Golf courses with running water. It’s not so common but again has ecological benefits,  which in turn attract wildlife.

Still waters, lakes and ponds

All contained waterbodies within golf course complexes can benefit from our extensive range of services. Much of the year we are inundated with calls from golf courses that require support with aeration and fountain equipment, but we can offer much much more and can help keep golf course ponds and lakes in perfect condition for everyone to enjoy.

Some of the services that we provide for golf courses include the following:-

  • Aeration and fountain equipment from Otterbine
  • Aeration and fountain equipment from Aquamaster
  • New construction projects
  • Management of existing ponds, lakes and reservoirs
  • Fishery management
  • Aquatic weed control
  • Aquatic weed cutting boat
  • Aquatic herbicide treatments
  • Japanese Knotweed treatments
  • Algae control
  • Dredging
  • Silt management
  • Fencing
  • Piling
  • Walkways and bridging
  • Pontoons
  • Special events

Our methods of work are designed to limit the amount of disturbance to these delicate locations and reduce the effects on both wildlife and the people who are using golf courses for their key purpose, enjoyment.

Rivers, streams and ditches

If these forms of waterway exist on a golf course, they tend to be natural, but in some locations we have worked with man-made streams, usually where water has been pumped from a lower lake and recirculated, eventually entering the top of the lake  again. Whether they are natural water rivers, streams and ditches or man-made,  again we have a list of services available to assist in keeping them in pristine condition.

Some of our flowing water services include;

  • Dredging
  • New developments
  • Aquatic plant management
  • Aquatic weed control and management
  • Aquatic herbicide treatments
  • Japanese Knotweed treatments
  • Fencing
  • Piling
  • Erosion control and repair
  • Walkways and bridging

All of these services are offered at all scales, from small projects to large waterbodies in need of heavy management plans. We also offer a full consultancy service to help you plan and manage your golf course lake, pond, rivers or streams, which is designed to give you both a yearly maintenance plan alongside a projected yearly plan.

For more information on commercial lake, river, pond, canal or reservoir projects for golf courses or commercial rivers, canals and reservoirs and maintenance and management or fishery and consultancy services, please email info@pondsuk.co.uk or call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620111.