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Public Sector lakes and ponds

local authority Ponds and Lakes - Water management services for public sector orgs including local authories and NHS trustsPublic waterways, lakes and ponds exist all over the United Kingdom and they all need to be maintained to a high standard in order to look attractive and to ensure safety for the general public. Many of these ponds and lakes are found in rural and urban parks and they come in all shapes and sizes, from small ponds created for wildlife to larger expanses of water such as lakes for recreational sports.

Some local authority owned lakes and ponds hold fish stocks such as carp, roach, tench, pike and bream for angling, whilst smaller ponds are often kept slightly overgrown as wildlife ponds, creating suitable environments for newts and dragonflies to flourish. Surprisingly enough, providing these smaller ponds are well managed and not over disturbed, you can observe the many small creatures that habitate these sort of environments, even in ponds in the centre of London, although people tend to expect that they would normally only be seen in more rural locations.

We can offer the following services within your local communities working alongside local authorities and parish councils;

  • Wildlife pond creation
  • Planting and plant management
  • Aquatic weed management
  • Drainage
  • Pumping and waterfalls
  • Aeration
  • Fountains
  • Silt management
  • Dredging
  • Pond servicing
  • Algae control
  • Filtration, control and treatment
  • Waste removal
  • Stock clearances

We pride ourselves on a professional and safe approach when maintaining publicly owned local authority ponds and lakes, and this approach limits the damage and harm caused to the already thriving ecology of these water courses. All our staff are highly trained and use the latest methods and equipment, but still manage to offer a friendly personal service.

We have worked with numerous local councils and parish councils and we are often recommended to others on the basis of the work we’ve already undertaken.  We also have a number of case studies available both on this website and others that we can email to you should be require more inforamation about our services for public sector and local authority lakes and ponds.

For more information on the water managment services we offer to local authorities for public sector waterways, lakes and ponds or our consultancy services, please email or call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620111.