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Lake and pond design and construction, reservoir design and construction, building fisheries at Ponds UK

Welcome to Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Ltd, a company which specialises in the management, development and construction of all inland waterbody forms.

Ponds UK was established in 2009 and is based near Colchester in Essex, but provides many of its services nationally and some to Europe and further afield.   The company specialises in everything to do with water, in particular, pond, lake and reservoir design and construction, reservoir, fisheries, river, canal and marina maintenance and we also build sea defences.

Ponds UK, can help you with design, planning, construction, planting and stocking of your pond, lake or reservoir and supply all the necessary equipment to do the job.   We provide no-obligation quotes, we construct new-build ponds, lakes, fisheries and reservoirs and can give you competitive prices on all aquatic construction projects and maintenance as well as management contracts for ponds, lakes, rivers, canals, reservoirs and marinas including dredging and silt removal work for rivers and canals.   For a full list of our services see the services page.  Our company operates throughout England, Wales and Scotland and undertakes some international work, particularly in Europe.

Our team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff is made from some of the country’s top environmental consultants and engineers.  They will be able to assist you in finding the best solutions and offer the very best service for your aquatic project, whether it’s simply pond maintenance or cleaning, a pond, lake or reservoir design and construction project, or even if it’s water management services for your lake, reservoir or fishery.

We believe that it’s essential to have a good relationship with our customers and that relationship helps us achieve the best possible results from any project. We listen closely to your requirements and note all the details, making sure that we involve you during each and every step of the project.  The processes we use and our excellent projects management team enable us to closely monitor progress and ensure that all aquatic projects run to schedule.  Regular meetings are held with you the client, to keep you updated, so you always known how your project is progressing.

We only ever offer professional advice based on the best practices and options available for your pond or lake’s maintenance, or for your lake or reservoir construction project, but we also try our best to help you understand the benefits of how we work and the problems that can occur if poor techniques or the wrong materials are used. It’s important to always use the best materials available when dealing with maintenance and construction of ponds, lakes, rivers and reservoirs. This information is especially valuable to clients when comparing quotations from a selection of suppliers.

There are many things to bear in mind in relation to water environments and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of this complex field. There is a huge gulf between what Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Limited can bring to an aquatic project, and what other companies that “do” water related projects can provide. Our knowledge can benefit you in so many hidden ways, such as savings in long-term maintenance costs, developing longevity, fish health, bioengineering and carefully balancing the natural habitat and surrounding environment, which enhances and helps the environment.

Added to that you, will also gain the support and back-up needed for the many problems that nature can bring to your aquatic environment, such as identifying and controlling disease and controlling weed and silt, which are some of the most obvious issues we deal with regularly for our clients with ponds, lakes and rivers.

Ponds UK can help with all aspects of pond maintenance, lake maintenance, pond and lake design and construction and we offer the same services for lakes and reservoirs.  We can also provide services for rivers and canals including dredging, erosion of river banks and reburbishment works, so contact us on 0800 4725524 or 01206 620211 or email us at info@pondsuk.co.uk.