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Night Glow Lighting

Night glow lighting for Lake fountains, supplied and installed by Ponds UK
Aquamaster fountain and aeration equipment is now even more dramatic during the night hours with the addition of a Night Glow LED Lighting System for fountains. The LED lighting reduces the higher power consumption thast was a disadvantage with earlier Halogen technology and also greatly improves both brightness and maintenance. Using copper heat sink technology the units deliver a higher luminous efficiency, more light with less heat.


The 11 watt LED fountain lighting from Aquamaster fountains and aerators offers a colour diode board assembly and LED’s in cool white, warm white, red, green, blue and amber. Coloured lenses are now replaced with brilliant dedicated colour LED’s eliminating any colour washout. The 11 watt option reduces the power consumption, increases brightness and runs much cooler using the copper heat sink technology.


  1. 3 year warranty
  2. Ultra low operating costsColour LED night lighting for fountains by Aquamaster - Ponds UK
  3. High quality stainless housings, shielded cables and brackets
  4. Simple ALC Aqua Lock connection
  5. Cool White: 1000 lumens
  6. Warm White: 775 lumens
  7. Red: 350 lumens
  8. Green: 650 lumens
  9. Blue: 150 lumens
  10. Amber: 250 lumens
  11. Colour Temperature: 5000K (Cool), 3000K (Warm)
  12. Rated Life: 40,000 hours


This 22 watt LED fountain lighting model is more efficient, providing greater light output and produces a brilliant white, which is generated by a specific diode board.


  1. 3 year warranty
  2. Low operating costs
  3. High quality stainless housings, shielded cables and brackets
  4. Simple ALC Aqua Lock connection
  5. Cool White: 1900 lumens
  6. Colour Temperature: 5000K
  7. Rated Life: 40,000 hours


The 35 watt LED fountain lighting model offers a high intensity light, which is equal to approximately one 500 watt incandescent light bulb. This unit is built for performance offering the very best in powerful displays while keeping the costs down.


  1. 3 year warranty
  2. High quality stainless housings, shielded cables and brackets
  3. Simple ALC Aqua Lock connectionLake Fountain Lights by Aquamaster - Ponds UK
  4. Cool White: 3900 lumens
  5. Warm White: 3645 lumens
  6. Red: 510 lumens
  7. Green: 1710 lumens
  8. Blue: 400 lumens
  9. Amber: 700 lumens
  10. Colour Temperature: 5000K (Cool), 3000K (Warm)
  11. Rated Life: 40,000 hours


Ponds UK are delighted to be supplying these high quality completely programmable, colour changing high end fountain lighting systems. These new RGBW LED lighting systems consist of two main options, 20 watts or the larger 40 watt fixtures. They come complete with a panel mounted controller and power supply that produces brilliant dynamic colour shows. Completely customisable programming to meet all colour, show type and holiday events available.

Benefits;Coloured LED night lighting displays for lake fountains - Ponds UK

  1. Factory pre-programmed colour and holiday themes
  2. Bluetooth or ethernet controller available
  3. ALC quick connection
  4. Customisable program settings
  5. Low operating costs
  6. No changing lens or colour boards required to change display colour
  7. 3 year warranty
  8. High quality stainless housings, shielded cables and brackets
  9. Can be retrofitted to existing Aquamaster products


  • Total; 940 lumens
  • Red: 155 lumens
  • Green: 290 lumensNight glow LED lake fountain lighting for lakes and ponds - Ponds UK
  • Blue: 120 lumens
  • White: 375 lumens
  • White Colour Temperature: 7000K
  • Rated Life: 40,000 hours


  • Total; 1835 lumens
  • Red: 475 lumens
  • Green: 560 lumens
  • Blue: 130 lumens
  • White: 670 lumens
  • White Colour Temperature: 5500K
  • Rated Life: 40,000 hours

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