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Lake Redevelopment

Lake redevelopment, replacement liners, pumps, algae control, walkways & pontoons at Ponds UK, Essex, Suffokl and NorfolkLake redevelopment probably accounts for a good 60% of all the work undertaken by Ponds UK  Aquatic Management Limited throughout the UK.  Lake redevelopments are also the most rewarding projects for us.

There are many reasons why a lake might require redevelopment but nine times out of ten it’s due to poor maintenance and neglect.

leaking-silted-lake-redevelopmentReasons why a lake might require redevelopment

  1. Bank erosion
  2. Bank collapse
  3. Bank undermining
  4. Leaking dam or bank
  5. Damaged or perished liner
  6. Structural changes
  7. Usage change
  8. Overflow systems


Bankside Redevelopment on lakes

Bankside redevelopment on lakes is a very common project for Ponds UK,  but the structure of  your lake’s banks is extremely important as  strong bank structure keeps your lake in good, healthy and stable condition. We offer a variety of fully comprehensive solutions to lake bankside erosion, which will suit various budgets and environments. Most of the methods we use can also be used for redeveloping the shape of the lake bank structure.

Due to an increase in rain over the past few years, managing water flow has become very difficult in some lakes, which have seen a great deal of  flooding and in some cases their fish stock has been lost because it’s swept into rivers and other water courses. The correct overflow systems, control systems and diverts can normally cure most of these problems, ensuring that your lake doesn’t become unusable. Our team of expert engineers will be able to calculate the correct methods and install the most appropriate water management solutions for your given water control issues.

repairing eroded lake banks caused by heavy rainfall and flooding - Ponds UK, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex Redeveloping lakes including rebuilding lake banks and solving flooding and erosion problems.

Other redevelopments might include merging several ponds or lakes together or renewing the lining system of your lake,  where the old one has perished, or maybe you wish to add or remove islands and underwater debris, or add pontoons, walkways or platforms.

Whatever your lake redevelopment requirements, Ponds UK Aquatic Management Limited will be able to supply all of the best options and materials to deliver a structurally sound resolution that will last for years.

We supply all equipment and our services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk and throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our products or lake construction, lake design, lake maintenance  or fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620211.