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Aquatic Chalk

Aquatic chalk - Silt Digestion Product for silt removal in lakes, rivers - Ponds UK EssexAfter years of research into developing a silt digestion product, we have produced a product that helps remove silt and we believe that it’s the best on the market.

The Aquatic Chalk product is a highly porous form of Calcium Carbonate. Being calcium carbonate it is free from toxins and completely harmless to plant or animal life and is therefore ideal for using in lakes or ponds with fish and plant life, along with other animals. It is made up from microscopic particles with an average size of less than 3 microns (3 thousandths of a millimetre).

The benefits of Aquatic Chalks

  • Promotes the stimulation of aerobic micro-organisms, in turn increasing oxygenation
  • Releases harmful gasses that have built up in the silt bed
  • Reduces further build-up of gas
  • Decreases the silt levels in your lake or pond or river.
  • Visible improvements in water clarity through the settlement of suspended particles
  • Balances the Ph level in the pond or lake water
  • Increases Bio-diversity  in the pond or lake habitat directly affected
  • Provides animals and plant life with calcium

Where can you use Aquatic Chalk?

Aquatic Chalk is best used in freshwater environments such as lakes, reservoirs, ponds and also rivers, streams and canals where an accumulation of silt is causing problems for fish, plant life, fishermen, boats, swimmers etc. If a body of water is high in acidity and this is problematical,  chalk can be used as a ph balancer because of its alkaline content.

How chalk works

Silt is an organic matter formed from decaying plant and animal litter, eroded materials such as rock, soil and bank side vegetation, fish and animal faeces, clay and sand. It forms when micro-organisms that would normally digest the organic material are no longer thriving in the silt due to low oxygen levels and increased acidity. The Particles in our chalk are so microscopic, they are able to penetrate into the silt layers providing oxygen and levelling the ph balance to create the ideal environment for the micro-organisms to re-establish themselves, and digest the top layers of silt. It’s this digestion of silt that reduces the high volumes of silt.

How do you apply the chalk?

We supply the chalk in bags weighing 25kg, similar to a standard bag of concrete, if the area is small the powder can be spread by hand over the surface, however on larger water areas such as lakes,  it’s best to apply the product from a boat or pontoon. The application rate is 1 tonne (or 1000kg) per acre of water for the first dosage, followed six months later by a second dosage of 800kg per acre of water. After the first two doses of chalk you should only need to apply further treatments on an annual basis. Not only does it keep the silt at bay, but the water holds a healthy ph balance, the clarity is good and the oxygenation levels will be higher, which is beneficial for fish and plant life.

It is advisable to apply our chalk over the whole expanse of water for the best results, not just specific silted areas.

Aquatic chalk does not replace the needs for mechanical de-silting processes if the water has been badly neglected and has extremely high volumes of silt.

We supply all the necessary equipment including Aquatic chalk and our silt removal services to domestic and commercial clients in Essex, Suffolk, London, Kent and throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice on de-silting either with Alphasilt or through dredging or lake and pond management and maintenance please email, call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620211.