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Deltalok Bank Stabilisation

Deltalok Bank Stabilisation, Erosion techniquesWhat is the Deltalok solution?

This is a solution that’s been developed to offer the client a cost effective erosion option that’s beneficial to the environment, while still offering the perfect solution to waterway construction and can also be used as retaining walls and highway development.

Deltalok is a quality engineered product that will deliver a permanent, ecologically beneficial result for any development, whether it’s repair of walls, revetments, bank stabilisation or other erosion related issues. The product is cost effective offering a good solid option at a fraction of the cost compared to other heavier solutions.

The design of this product is totally unique, providing a method of interlocking the geotextile bags to form a strong structure, whilst providing a perfect environment for plant and grass growth.

Combining the geotextile bags with the interlocking plates increases the sheer strength of the structure and where geogrid is required, they provide the ideal mechanical structure. Deltalock provides the strength of concrete but without the unnatural appearance, the product truly blends into the environment.

Deltalok River banks and Lake bank Erosion equipment - Ponds UK EssexThe Deltalok product

Deltalok consists of two main components;

  1. The Deltalok bag is a product constructed from a high strength geotextile which is non-woven. The bag is extremely flexible and is completely water-permeable, which means they are able to sustain a huge range of vegetation.
  2. Deltalok interlocking plates are created using 100% recycled polypropylene. They are used to increase the sheer strength of the entire bag structure when placed between the bags to lock them in place.

How does Deltalok work?

The Deltalock bags are designed to be filled in a similar way to sandbags, but they are unique in many ways, stronger and will remain stable and they won’t break down. When pre-seeded with wildflower seed or grass they provide an ideal location for germination, which in turn provides total cover as the growth grows through the bags. This growth will continue and roots will extend through the back of the bags, further securing the bank in place.

Deltalock bags for river and lake banks and planting for Deltalock bags.The bags can be used without vegetation and are completely stable, but the vegetation will add aesthetic and environmental benefit.

It is also possible to plant the Deltalock system with trees and shrubs and many other options including;

  • brush layering
  • hydro-seeding
  • live staking

Multiple options are possible that enable them to be used to blend completely with the surrounding land, banks and structures.

Where can you use the Deltalock system?

Deltalok is safe for all aquatic and non-aquatic life, and is suitable to use in absolutely any environment. It has a vast range of uses but to help you understand those uses, here are a selection:

  • Erosion Control
  • Retaining Walls
  • Erosion control with Deltalock erosion system for lakes, rivers and canals - Ponds UKEmbankment Building, Stabilisation, Protection & Restoration
  • Highway Building, Widening & Repair
  • Flood Defence
  • Slope Stabilisation & Restoration
  • Bunkers
  • Ditch Lining
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Headwalls
  • Earth Retention Applications
  • Stream & Waterway Improvements, Control & Repair
  • Noise Barriers
  • Living Walls & Slopes
  • Eco Screening
  • Raised Beds
  • Drainage Walls
  • Lakes, Ponds & Water Features
  • General Garden & Landscaping Projects

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