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Lake & Pond Aerator Hire

Hire Lake and Pond Aerators from Ponds UK Essex - improve the water quality in your lake or pondDuring the warmer periods of the year lakes, ponds and  reservoirs can sometimes suffer from dramatic drops in oxygen level, which then lead to devastating fish kills and damaging water quality problems such as Blue/Green Algae. If your budget is tight but you really do need emergency aeration for your lake, pond or reservoir, Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Ltd can help solve the problems.  We now have a selection of  basic aeration units that we can hire out throughout the UK for short term Blue/Green Algae problems.

These aeration units are available in single phase and three phase units and are able to supply high volumes of aeration and water movement, which is what’s required to save your fish stocks and bring your lake or pond back to life in this urgent time of need. We are also able to supply generators to areas that are more remote and without power.

Our consultants are available to speak with you at anytime and arrangements can be made to supply the required aeration equipment in emergency situations i.e. at short notice. All units are supplied with 50m of cable and come complete with a 16 amp plug, note that adaptors from 16 amp down to 13 amp Hire an aearator to solve blue green algae problems in your pond or lake - Ponds UK Essexare available.

Some reasons why you might want to hire an Aerator for your lake or pond;

  • Oxygen Depletion
  • Increased risk to fish stocks due to low dissolved oxygen levels
  • Algal blooms
  • General lake and water health
  • Treatment plant aeration
  • River and Canal support
  • To make your lake or pond look good for a corporate event
  • To make your lake or pond look good for a private event
  • Swimming and sailing events

For more information on the hire of lake and pond aeration units please call us on 0800 4725524 or  01206 620211 or email info@pondsuk.co.uk.