Otterbine Air Flo 3 launched at BTME
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Air Flo 3 from Otterbine launched at BTME

air-flo-3-aeratorOtterbine are showing the world they are leading the way in new innovative solutions within the aquatic industry with the launch of the new Air Flo 3 seen at the BTME.

Designed to enhance pond and lake aeration without disturbing the peace and tranquility with the use of it ultra quiet on-shore compressors which supply high volumes of air to underwater diffusers which are located on the pond or lake bed. The diffusers bubble air through the entire water column creating enhanced circulation and high dissolved oxygen values.

Everything is achieved without the requirement of loud pumps, high volumes of water being thrown in the air and the high expense of running fountain or aerator motors.

The Air Flo 3 from Otterbine is an excellent option for most venues including Golf Clubs, Public ponds and lakes, Fishing venues and other recreational venues for swimming and sailing. No electrical components are required within the waterbody which means they offer a very safe solution which will work in virtually all depths from 6ft to 40ft.

Otterbine products are distributed in the UK by Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Limited, Heritage House, Morrow Farm, Morrow Lane, Ardleigh, Essex, CO7 7NG. Telephone 01206 620211, email

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