Otterbine Mixed pond aerator | Fractional series aerators
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Otterbine range of aerators - mixer pond aerator available supplied and installed from Ponds UK, Essex, Suffolk and LondonThe Mixer Pond Aerator is one of five different systems available in Otterbine’s Fractional Series of pond aerators and fountains. There are  four  spray patterns and a horizontal mixer in this series, as well as Deluxe Systems  with LED light, which add a bit of glamour to your pond at night.  These systems are designed to provide good aeration and water managment for small ponds.


fractional-mixer-floatOtterbine Pond aerator float, mixed pond aerator from Ponds UK, supplied and installed.We can supply a variety of Otterbine fountains and aerators and and installation services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our aearation Otterbine or other fountain products or lake design, maintenance and fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620211.