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Pond Algae Control

LG Sonic Ultra sonic algae control for garden ponds - Ponds UK, London, Essex, Suffolk and KentPonds are most commonly found at home, in recreational locations such as golf courses, or country parks and hotels. Ponds are normally kept for ornamental reasons and to add to visual appeal but sometimes, they are used for irrigation purposes. In both situations it’s often important that the water clarity is maintained and it’s kept clear and fresh looking.

To achieve a clear pond you will need to keep it free of any suspended solids and keep chemicals, which may harm plants, to a minimum level.

Pond that contain Algal forms can restrict irrigation, most of these issues are seen with filamentous algae, which has been known to block pumps, while suspended algal forms can block nozzles, which may be found on fountains and other post pump items.

Filamentous Algae can cause problems in ornamental ponds and subsequently affect fish stocks such as Sturgeon. These fish types can easily become caught in Algae and ultimately die due to oxygen starvation.

Algae also competes for nutrients, reduces sunlight levels and conseqnetly starves plant life and bacteria of the key items they need to grow and reproduce.  Algae also reduces dissolved oxygen levels and can increase toxin levels in the water, which can result in poor biological diversity and fish stock deaths.

Solutions for ornamental and small irrigation ponds

Suspended algae control
Used to control non-toxic suspended common green algae and toxic blue-green algal blooms the LG Sonic e-Line unit is an intelligent controller, which can control and maintain algae growth without any risk to any other life forms.

Control Blanketweed / Filamentous algae
Filamentous algal growth strangles and encroaches plants, it will also shade the deeper areas of a pond, stopping light from penetrating. The LG Sonic e-Line unit is able to control and hinder the growth of filamentous algae very effectively in contained ponds. Zooplankton, fish life and all water plants are unaffected by ultrasonic technology.

Eradicate Algaecides
When using the LG sonic equipment no residues will be introduced to the pond, which might harm plant life or other forms of life. If Algaecides have been used in the past, this should reduce dramatically and within time should stop.

Ultrasonic Algae Control

The e-Line is the latest in the most advanced technology available for controlling algae in ponds. This version was born from the “Basic” unit but incorporates the latest technology to increase the effectiveness to the highest standards.

How does ultrasonic algae control work? 

Collapse of gas vesicles
Algae known as Blue-green algae are able to vertically travel through the ponds water column due to the build up of gas vesicles. Ultrasound signals emitted from the LG Sonic have a rupturing effect on these gas vesicles, which will prevent the algae from surfacing and being able to absorb enough light for photosynthesis. Using the correct ultrasonic frequencies will create a sound barrier on the surface layers of the pond, reflecting on anything which has a different density to water. The buoyancy will now be upset and again prevent the algae from rising through the water layers to the surface, in turn causing death through a light deficiency.

Damage of tonoplast
Another effect of using ultrasound would be the rupture of the tonoplast in green algae, this will lead to the release of the vacuole content to the inner cell. The adhesion of the cell membrane can now become damaged.

Prevent bacterial adherence
If an environment is unstable it is possible for bacteria to adhere to a surface and then it will form a biofilm. Ultrasonic devices from LG Sound add pressure around a surface area, which stops bacteria adhering.

All of LG Sonic® technology has been proven effective and provides strength, safety and efficiency in all environments where algae control is required.

Environmentally Friendly
LG Sonic® provides a solution to controlling algae bloom that doesn’t involve the use of chemicals and aids in the reduction of chemical treatments. All of the equipment has an extremely low power consumption compared to other forms of algal control.

Easy to install and maintain
The Ultrasonic device is installed in the water system itself and emits a sound wave that will travel through the water body

Friendly for fish and water plants
The Units are completely harmless to all forms of life with the exclusion of algae. Many universities have researched the environmental effects of ultrasound products on aquatic plants and fish, and have ascertained that the units have shown no effect on anything other life forms.

Controls biofilm
The latest technological algae system is always used to control biofilm in various applications where chemicals are not suitable, unwanted or urgently need reducing.

Installation and order

One of the great benefit of  LG sonic algae controllers, is the ease of installation and setup. It couldn’t be any easier to get started using one of these units and your pond water will be algae free much more quickly with an LG sonic Algae controller.   The image below shows a very simple setup proceedure, it’s as simple as attaching the controller to a wall or post, plugging the transducer into the socket provided and away you go.

The key to successful algae control is the position of the transducer in your lake, pond or reservoir. Remember to cover as much of the surface area as possible. It may also be necessary to remove obstacles, such as plant pots that may obstruct the unit’s line of sight.

If you need help with installation or wish to benefit from the extended warranty period of up to three years, then why not choose to use our installation service. We can install LG Sonic Algae controllers throughout the UK.

With the LG Sonic e-Line it’s possible to install up to 4 transmitters on one single electronic control box to treat multiple ponds.  Each transmitter can be programmed via the same e-box and work on separate programs depending on the water parameters.

For more information relating to the LG Sonic e-Line unit please click here to download the brochure.

We can supply all the equipment you need and our services are available to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about water features,  pond design,  pond construction, pond maintenance & cleaning or  fishery and consultancy services, please email info@pondsuk.co.uk, call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620211.