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Pond Construction

Commercial, Residential and Wildlife Pond Construction at Ponds UK Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk We offer a fully bespoke and unique pond design and construction service to every client, whether it’s a commercial client looking for a pond to enhance their business, an estate looking for a wildlife pond or an invidual requiring a beautiful water feature for their garden.  We can offer a range of ponds that cater for any location and pond building project. We construct garden ponds or koi pond for the domestic market or an ornamental pond or water feature for the commercial sector such as a business park, golf club, hotel or estate, our highly experienced team of pond construction craftsmen are able to provide a solution for any of your requirements including the following;Pond filtration installation - Ponds UK, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

  • Garden pond construction
  • Garden water feature construction and installation
  • Wildlife pond construction for Estates and Golf Clubs
  • Fire ponds
  • Commercial water features and ponds
  • Business park pond construction
  • Construction of ponds for trusts and charities

Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Limited are based in Essex, near the Suffolk border, and install ponds and water features throughout England, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Pond Construction Experience

Ponds UK has many years’ experience constructing ponds for domestic and commercial clients. We take great pride in our work and over the years have forged strong relationships with our many clients and suppliers. We believe that a strong customer relationship is key to achieving the best possible results from any pond construction project.

We are always happy to offer advice and will make sure you obtain the information and support you require for your water feature or pond project in order to create a positive experience. At Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Limited, we provide you with a friendly and professional service with guaranteed results.

Materials for your pond construction

We only ever use the highest quality materials to construct your pond and we use some of the best liners and filtration systems on the market. We are also happy to use any preferred materials you might want us to work with, if we deem them to be safe and suitable for use, as we want you to get the pond you want.  We can also supply a large choice of fountain equipment and also aeration equipment.

By using  our craftsmens’ skills,  we are able to offer the full range of pond building expertise, from brick built ponds, timber crafted ponds and decked ponds right through to natural construction techniques and planting solutions ideal for wildlife ponds. A common mistake is using the wrong type of stone for your pond. Using natural stone crafted correctly, makes a huge difference to any waterfall, i.e. the difference between a stunning natural feel and appeal and the shock of something looking completely out of place.

Commercial Pond Construction from Ponds UK - Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk Pond liners are available in many different materials. If the chosen land is not suitable for holding water without a liner, then it can be hard to decide just which liner is best suited to your chosen pond construction project. After all, how do you begin to choose between Butyl, HDPE, EPDM, Firestone, Greenseal, Excelastic, Fibreglass, clay, or the many other variations on liners available on today’s market?

At Ponds UK, we have chosen what we consider to be the most effective and most popular forms of pond liner. We provide a full pond construction and installation service using only the safest, high quality pond liners available, with some outstanding manufacturers’ guarantees of over 25 years and even  some lifetime guarantees.

We also offer an on-site survey, which gives us an ideal opportunity to measure the existing area and talk with you about the water feature you want. From the initial talks, we can agree budgets and start work on the design process for your pond. All projects are built from fully agreed plans.

Our Pond Construction Guarantee

All our new build pond and water feature projects come complete with a 1 year guarantee on materials. Note that damage caused by misuse and general consumables such as UV bulbs are not covered by these guarantees.

We supply all equipment and our services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our products or information about pond and water feature design and construction, pond refurbishment or  fishery and consultancy services, please email info@pondsuk.co.uk or call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620211.