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Aquamaster Pond Fountains

aquamaster-pond-fountainsA fountain is not only a beautiful feature in any garden but it serves a purpose too.  A fountain also provides aeration in a pond and therefore keeps it healthy and looking good.

Fountains aerate by pulling water from the surface of the water and propelling it into the air.  A fountain generally consists of a motor that powers a rotating impeller.  The impeller pumps water from the first few feet of the water and expels it into the air. This process uses air-water contact to transfer oxygen. As the water is propelled into the air, it breaks into small droplets. Collectively, these small droplets have a large surface area through which oxygen can be transferred. Upon return, these droplets mix with the rest of the water and thus transfer their oxygen back to the ecosystem.

Aquamaster have developed a range of fountains  like the Fixed Base Water Feature,which are ideal for garden ponds.  This elegant and convenient option for many waterscape designs is ideal for smaller water features and pond applications and adds beauty easily and economically.

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We supply an extensive range of Aquamaster fountain systems to suit all needs and budgets and our installation services are available to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about Aquamaster pond fountains and lighting and our pond management services please email info@pondsuk.co.uk, call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620211.