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New Wildlife Pond Construction In Suffolk

Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Ltd was please to have worked with our client to achieve some fabulous results with this wonderful new Wildlife Pond Construction project. Aiding with everything from the initial design and planning process then through to the final build, our team had this project together in just 14 days.

Included in the project was the excavations of both pond and overflow systems along with a divert from the roof of the clients house which help keep the pond topped up in the warmer months when water levels can become low.

The wildlife pond was installed in a very sandy area so the ground was unable to hold water naturally, to achieve the best result we utilised a Bentonite Clay liner.

On completion we covered the surround of the pond with a good quality topsoil, grass seed and then installed a number of aquatic plants which as you can see have done wonders in their first year.

The Video below gives a view of the project of which we hope you enjoy.

Should you wish to install a wildlife, pond, lake or other form of waterbody, contact us by email info@pondsuk.co.uk or call between working hours on 0800 4725524.


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