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Reservoir design, construction & maintenance at Ponds UK, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and LondonReservoirs are used around the world to hold huge stores of water for drinking, farming and a variety of other purposes. Reservoirs are also created to store other fluids, such as slurry.

What is a Reservoir?

A reservoir is classified in the Reservoirs Act 1975, as any body of water of 25000m³ or above, held in containment above surrounding ground levels. To make sure your reservoir conforms to this Act, all design and construction of new or redeveloped reservoirs has to be approved by a qualified engineer, who has been appointed to a panel deemed appropriate for the type of reservoir facility.  Over the years many of our reservoir projects have fallen under this Act and we have been in a good position to offer a full service in design, construction, lining and pumping solutions.

A reservoir can help to ensure a stable water supply. It can give you a marketing advantage and add capital value to your business, but it can also be an expensive investment. With this in mind, it is always wise to plan carefully and weigh up the pros and cons before you make any commitment.

Water management and reservoir use

Reservoirs are in increasing demand, and so it is the responsibility of everyone – industry, domestic users, agriculture and amenity users – to care for and utilise water in a safe, resourceful manner. Both the government and the Environment Agency promote what they refer to as the ‘twin-track’ approach when it comes to water owners and users – this refers to developing new resources, as well as managing the demand.

Effective management of water demand is considered the best practice and will be a requirement for all licence applications, changes, and renewals in the future.

The key is to approach the building of your reservoir in the correct manner and in the right order, which will save you money in the long-term.

How we can help you build a reservoir

Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Limited are able to help you plan your reservoir thoroughly, obtaining all the necessary permissions from the various regulatory and planning authorities on your behalf. We can help you proceed with the detailed design, construction, and finally the commissioning of your reservoir.

Expect a minimum of 2 years from concept to commissioning, as planning and environmental assessments take time.

Building a reservoir is rarely straightforward and is not as simple as you might initially think. With each project you must first consider the following

  • General Location
  • Ground Quality
  • Environment
  • Access
  • Location of existing waterways
  • Liner requirements if any
  • Waste removal
  • Design, depths and bank construction
  • Budget

An irrigation reservoir is primarily a ‘business’ asset. But it can also significantly enhance the local landscape and the natural environment. Incorporating measures to promote biodiversity when planning your reservoir will also encourage interested stakeholders to support your development plans.

Follow the link for information about possible grants and loans to support pond builds, lake and reservoir constructions.

At Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Limited we supply the following services (click to see more!)

With our engineering expertise and professional support we are able to take you from the initial reservoir design ideas and develop them all the way to the construction of your new reservoir. We will assist you with every aspect of reservoir construction, from the first dig plans, to the very best and cost effective lining solutions and will professionally organise your project from day one.

We supply all equipment and our services to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our products or reservoir construction, reservoir planning, reservoir services or water management services please email or call 0800 4725524 or 01206 620211.