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Reservoir Design and Planning

Reservoir Design and Planning - Ponds UK Essex, Suffolk and NorfolkDue to the variety and number of requirements set out by various authorities, the design stage of your new build reservoir will be very important and you will need to meet the regulations to make sure all your goals are realised. Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Limited will help you achieve your goals and those of the local authorities, thereby achieving everyone’s aims during the design and build processes.

Because farm reservoirs can be quite intrusive to the landscape and surrounding environments, professional design can not only make sure the target for irrigation is met but can also aid in adding a suitable environment to support local wildlife species. Wildlife and environmentally friendly features are easy to incorporate into any new build reservoir and will cost very little extra to achieve. These features will help gain ‘additionality’ during the planning stages and will definitely help to change the thoughts of those who are against the traditional raised reservoir construction techniques.

Environment design impact

The visibility of your new reservoir will be one of the many key factors discussed during the planning and design stages. The impact on the surrounding landscape and environments is considered to be extremely important. There are many ways forward to make sure the new reservoir is not going to destroy the tranquility of the current landscape and impact negatively on wildlife habitats. We use local topography to make sure the foot print both fits inside and around the shape of the local landscape where possible, blending it in rather than simply covering up the problems.

Many reservoirs use geosynthetic liners, Butyl, HDPE, EPDM and GCL are just some of the many options.  If you wish to use clay the availability of material is going to determine the most suitable location for your reservoir. During the reservoir design process, we will be looking at many other aspects of your project including budget, this again would suggest that using current land forms to our advantage will only help to make extra cost savings during the reservoir construction stages. Remember, anything that already exists saves build time and will enhance the finished product making it flow in to the current landscape naturally.

So what do we cover?

Here is a simplified list of the areas we cover during the design and planning stages of the new reservoir build and design plans;

  • Ideas and requirement documentation, which will include budget planning and initial design ideas
  • Initial talks with the Environment agency
  • Access to water sources if available
  • Provisional Environment agency consultation application
  • Application for formal water abstraction licence with the Environment agency
  • Archaeological application based on site locations
  • Review of requirement documentation, which will include budget planning and initial design ideas
  • Project scoping documentation for local planning authority approval
  • Planning details, including site locations and topography documentation etc.
  • Environmental impact assessment maybe required if near a SSSI site etc.
  • Local Authority planning documentation including EIA (if required) engineering designs.

So from start to finish you can see that Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Ltd’s team of professional design consultants and engineers is ready to assist you during the new reservoir build process.

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