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River FAQ’s

FAQs - river bank erosion, river maintenance and dredging at Ponds UK

FAQs on Rivers

We have been supporting the aquatic environment and many of the wonderful rivers and waterways across England and the rest of the UK for a number of years. We have become friends with many key clients such as the Environmental Agency and various Wildlife Trusts.   Most of these clients know exactly what to expect from rivers and waterways and they generally know all their requirements, but for our private clients we have compiled a list of common questions about rivers and the services we offer for river, and answers to those questions, to aid your understanding of how we might support you with problems along your local stretch of river.

Are you able to offer your river services across the entire UK including Scotland and Wales?
Although we are based in Essex, we have completed many contracts for river bank erosion and river maintenance across the UK and indeed in Scotland and Wales. We would also be open to contracts of this nature across Europe and maybe other parts of the world.

Do you only work on commercial and larger river contracts?
No, our services are open to anyone in the UK, private or commercial. However on  some projects, the Environmental Agency may need to be involved to give relevant permissions.

Do you dredge rivers?
We certainly do.  Dredging rivers and removing silt is one of our key areas of work when it comes to the maintenance of waterways.

What materials do you use for erosion repairs and maintenance of rivers?
We have a wide range of materials available for the control of and repair to erosion on rivers banks and canal systems. Nicospan, Brushwood Faggots, Gabions, Rockrolls, Coir Matting and concrete revetment materials are just some of the products available and demonstrate a good range of both environmentally pleasing and more industrial solutions to help with erosion issues.

What river maintenance services does your company offer?
Herbicide and mechanical weed control is probably one of the most common enquiries. We cover the UK with our weed boat and other equipment, removing weeds from rivers and we are always busy during the warmer months dealing with the battle against choked rivers and canals.

Dredging, which has been mentioned before is also a common service and we take on river dredging contracts across the UK.  We use a mix of long reach excavators and floating pontoon dredgers for this work but also have our very own hydraulic pumping dredge.

Finally we can help with river bank erosion maintenance and repair, throughout the UK and into Europe.   We have a number of engineering methods to deal with erosion repair for river banks and their maintenance and offer hard industrial solutions along with more environmentally friendly methods.

Do you offer a fish survey service for rivers?
Our aquaculture services within the business would handle fish surveys for rivers. Due to cost implications we tend to keep these services within Essex, Kent, London, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Do you use your own staff on river projects or do you use subcontractors?
All of our staff work for us full-time, are fully qualified and highly experienced in their key rolls within the organisation.

Can you offer support and advice on flood defence for rivers?
Yes we have aided many customers with flood defence and our engineering consultants would be able to offer advice on possible solutions for flood defence, design assistance  and also be able to implement the works.  Ponds UK – Aquatic Management Ltd offer all these services, saving clients from having to deal with multiple contractors.

Please click on the relevant link for further information on river maintenance and Management or alternatively email info@pondsuk.co.uk or call 08004725524 or 01206 620211